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The opening is a cameo for Almodovar's discoveries, Penelope Cruz and Antonio Banderas. Altogether Los Amantes Pasajeros is a fair of bad taste, old and stenchy gay humour, throwing everything into coarse sex. It results into a boring, not-so-funny comedy of low category. And it throws on the gay community a flair of idiocy which the celebrated Director should keep firmly closed within his circle of friends. The original Spanish title is Los amantes pasajeros, which has a double meaning of "The fleeting lovers" and "The passenger lovers". The narrative, except the short part with Banderas and Cruz, is Pedro Almodóvar’s Los amantes pasajeros/I’m So Excited is, on the surface, a comedic, drug-fuelled romp of a film, that for Paul Julian Smith ‘marks a much heralded return to the transgressive and corrosive comedies of Almodóvar’s early period’. "Los amantes pasajeros" was simply boring.

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Review In A Nutshell: It is nice to see the director reach back to his roots, while still retaining some of the qualities that define his modern products; it takes audiences back to the days where the director had a strong sense of humour, one that would dominate his films and leave audiences with a sense of escape, to find laughter in real life problems rather than dwell on it with sadness and pain. Its original Spanish title, Los amantes pasajeros, has the double meaning of "The fleeting lovers" and "The passenger lovers". The narrative is set almost entirely on an airplane. Almodóvar describes it as "a light, very light comedy". The film received mixed reviews, but earned a worldwide gross of more than US$21.2 million. Directed by Pedro Almodóvar.

Un film de Almodóvar.

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Add a review. Rating: Roll over stars  Durante el vuelo, una grave avería hace que los pasajeros de clase business, al verse inevitablemente al borde de [Review de Cine] Los Amantes Pasajeros. Jun 28, 2013 Pedro Almodóvar tries to be his old, cheerful, dirty-minded self in this airborne sex farce that is also a commentary on European economic crisis  Feb 20, 2020 and campy-looking as I'm So Excited (Los amantes pasajeros).

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The film received mixed reviews, but earned a worldwide gross of more than US$21.2 million. crÍtica de 'los amantes pasajeros' (II) Los ingenios verbales más audaces de la comedia de Almodóvar están al alcance del humor infantil o preadolescente rijoso o escatológico Kära passagerare är en spansk komedifilm från 2013, skriven och regisserad av Pedro Almodóvar.Dess spanska titel är Los amantes pasajeros, som har den dubbla betydelsen av ungefär "De flyktiga älskarna" och "Passagerarälskarna". So yes, Los Amantes Pasajeros has its moments, even if our cinematographic heart longs to the psychological dramas. In the Benelux Los Amantes Pasajeros has been released by A-Film on both dvd and (excellent!) Blu-ray. Didier BECU 10/10/2013 Los amantes pasajeros. Directed by: Pedro Almodóvar. Starring: Paz Vega, José María Yazpik, Javier Cámara.

I’m So Excited! (Los Amantes Pasajeros): Film Review. 12:00 AM PST 3/8/2013 by Jordan Mintzer (Los amantes pasajeros) Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for Los Amantes Pasajeros at
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And a lot of them have been pretty bad of late. Well, Los amantes pasajeros 2013 movie happens to be quite an unexpected gem! Listen to Los Amantes Pasajeros (Música Original) on Spotify.

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