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SPS will let you configure a single server as a "gateway" for all of your applications that can't or won't install a SiteMinder agent. Overview SiteMinder supports OpenLDAP for use as a Policy Store. OpenLDAP provides a freely available, replicated directory that can be used as a redundant store for SiteMinder's configuration information. Unfortunately, the SiteMinder documentation covering how to configure OpenLDAP is at best For more details on configuring the policy server, you can refer to the CA Siteminder Policy Server Configuration Guide.

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Gather Information for the Installer. Run the Installer. (Optional) Reinstall the Policy Server. Install the Policy Server Administrative user interface. See Installing the Administrative UI on the SiteMinder support site.

CA SiteMinder Web Access Manager Web Agent Installation Guide . 2.

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Configure LDAP Directory Servers as Policy, Session, and Key Stores. Configure ODBC Databases as Policy, Session, Key and Audit Stores. Modified Environment Variables.

Installing siteminder policy server


Prepare Policy Server for the Web Agent and the Application Server Agent installation. We recommend that you create a non-privileged (non-root) user account for installing Policy Server with a specific account.

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Note: Additional non-system requirements exist in the Policy Server Installation Guide.

Om allt jag får är leverans, och inte installation, Jag kunde bara köpa de Så här konfigurerar du Cisco-autentiseringsschemat på din SiteMinder Policy Server  Consider installing a programmable thermostat that you can set to have the furnace or air conditi. CA SiteMinder Policy Server Configuration Guide. Verify that  CA SiteMinder Web Access Manager Policy Server. Note: Additional non-system requirements exist in the Policy Server Installation Guide.
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Set up a policy store. See the SiteMinder Policy Server Installation Guide. Important! If you initialize a new policy store, the Policy Server installer automatically imports the affiliate objects in the ampolicy.smdif file. These objects are necessary for federation.