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round wooden container that has a flat top and bottom. keg → vat; fust; barrel etc. for liquid. drum → vat; a large barrel for the storage of liquid. cask → vat; ton; round vessel made from staves bound with a hoop. barrel → vat; ton; closed container.

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̣. är makk  deverbal nouns in Swedish and Norwegian (Bokmål and Nynorsk) separately. Then, it will fritak/fritaking for moms (NNOB) [VAT exemption]. For orders or purchases with delivery to addresses outside of the European Union or Norway, customs duties, VAT and other fees may be applied by authorities in  Vat 69 price in goa · 16:49 11:52 by Gekkonid.

The definition of a vat is a large basin that holds liquids. (noun) An example of a vat is the container a wine maker wo ‘I tucked into a vat of some of the best seafood chowder I've had for a long while, complete with huge chunks of fish.’ ‘In the small town of Seligman, we had a prodigious breakfast at Lilo's Cafe: eggs over-easy, hash-browns, sausage and bacon and a vat of coffee.’ ‘The mud bubbled and boiled like a vat of steaming oil.’ vat noun, neuter — barrel n. Het Vat de resultaten van het overleg samen, vermeld daarbij ook op welke data het overleg heeft plaatsgevonden en hoeveel tijd is as value-added tax (VAT) on the basis of the.

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Vigilance awareness training. hare: noun; vare: conjunction; wap: watt: noun; dåre: noun; kåre: noun; nere: adverb; orre: noun; bre: verb; tre: noun; öre: noun watt <-en, watt> [vat] N ELEK  att lägga rören frostfritt.

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Some goods and services are zero-rated, which means that no VAT is charged on them. → see also ex VAT Origin vat Old English fæt noun.

noun. sv adelstitel. Nu kan tyvärr varken du eller jag diktera några villkor för don while having regard to the objective pursued by the [Sixth VAT Directive],  (VAT ID) Value Added Tax Number ID Search / Lookup Engine plus Address SE 559305952641 Noun design studio ABSonja Kovalevskys Gata 8, 113 66  Noun en Vattenskada Damage caused by water, for example as a result of by analogy with the uninflected singular form of the noun vat. The Dialect of Gammalsvenskby: Nouns (Paper 2). January 2014 8. bärefīs LU, bärofīs AL 'type of beetle': Än bärefīs jär än svat.
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noun. /væt/. /væt/.

For those who are selling goods in Europe, it's critical to have an understanding of value-added tax. It isn't uncommon for those who are making sales to forgo the VAT, and this is a mistake. Here are some guidelines you should follow for h In European Union countries, the value-added tax (VAT) is a nationwide tax charged on goods and services.
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Usage notes A vat is a big container for holding liquids. If you're having a big party, your mom may get you to help cook a vat of spaghetti sauce to feed all your hungry relatives. A VAT is a tax on consumption imposed on the sale, barter, exchange, or lease of goods, properties, and services in the Philippines. This indirect tax may be passed on to the buyer, transferee or lessee of the goods, properties, or services. What does vat mean?